Imagine effortlessly securing your

Amazon listings with Copyrighted Branded Booklets!

A booklet is a small book, with fewer pages than a regular book. Booklets are often used for informational purposes.

They provide a convenient and concise way to convey information and are not literature books.

Transform how you safeguard your Amazon Listing today!


Safeguard Your Amazon listing with the Branded Booklets Course!

Use our specialized method to safeguard your Amazon listing with a copyrighted branded booklet to protect your Amazon product listings.

You'll learn to create branded booklets using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing free service, a strategy that not only safeguards your listings from competitors but also adds significant value to your products.

Learn once and create multiple booklets to sell and protect your Amazon listing today!

Here’s what will be happening inside the course

Welcome & Course Overview: A breakdown of the course structure and what you can expect.

Pre-set up to get started: How to set up your (Free) Amazon KDP Account and your (Free) Canva account + you can get a 3-day free trial of the “A Book Creator Tool.” In this course, we will guide you through the process of setting up your free Amazon KDP Account for publishing your booklets, your free Canva account to be able to design your cover and interior pages + instructions on how to use the “A Book Creator Tool” for formatting a booklet cover, the easy way. ($67 Value)

Module 1: Introduction to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform...In this lesson, we'll explore essential acronyms and delve into Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Learn how to utilize KDP for crafting copyrighted booklets, enhancing your Amazon listings.($47 Value)

Module 2: Types of Booklets to Create for Listing...In this lesson, we unveil a range of low to medium-content booklet types for your listing, from lined notebooks and prompt journals to informational guides, checklists, recipe booklets, and more. ($97 Value)

Module 3: Pre-Questions for Formatting Your Booklets...In this lesson, we'll cover key considerations for booklet formatting, setting you up for success and saving you time. Plus, receive a valuable download PDF to keep you organized and identify the best booklet type for your bundle. ($97value)

Module 4: Module 4: Booklet Creation in Canva...This lesson of this course focuses on Booklet Creation in Canva. Throughout this lesson, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to create booklets using Canva. By the end of it, you will be able to create booklets quickly and effectively. Additionally, you can apply this knowledge to create various other products, such as social media posts, business cards, info cards, and more. ($197 Value)

Bonus #1: How to set up a Brand Kit in Canva... This will keep your brand colors, fonts, and logos in one spot. Speeding up your booklet process. ($47 Value)

Bonus #2: Canvas Margins & Bleed... Save time by knowing how the margins and bleed lines work in canva. ($47 Value)

Bonus #3: Canvas Fonts & Effects... Not sure what type of fonts you want to use or how to add cool effects to your booklet. We have you covered. ($47 Value)

Module 5: Amazon KDP Bookshelf Overview...Gain valuable insights with our Amazon KDP Bookshelf Overview. This essential knowledge empowers you to self-publish branded booklets on Amazon, transforming you into a skilled self-publisher capable of producing a variety of booklets.

Plus, the most crucial part is How to Upload Your Booklet to KDP Bookshelf... ($197 Value)

Module 6: Booklet Pricing & Purchasing...We will provide an in-depth guide on optimally pricing your booklet and detail the process of purchasing your booklets directly from Amazon if you want to sell your booklet as a standalone product.

How to Update the Price of Your booklet and explain the benefits of doing so.

We'll guide you through purchasing author/wholesale copies of your booklet from Amazon and discuss the benefits of this process, which is key to being able to physically bundle the booklet with your product.

Plus, Learn how to create a virtual bundle on Amazon...Creating a virtual bundle on Amazon using your branded booklet is a great concept because it allows you to showcase your brand and products to potential customers in a unique and engaging way. Combining your booklet with complementary products can create a bundle that offers added value and helps increase sales. ($197 Value)

Module 7: How to unpublish your booklet...we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how to unpublish your booklet from the KDP Bookshelf and why you might want to do this.

Plus, we offer an answer to the crucial decision between Unpublishing or Raising the Price of your Booklet. This guide will help you navigate the pros and cons of each option, providing you with strategic insights to make the best choice for your publication.

Module 8: Bonus! Bonus! Bonus...

Bonus #1: Incorporating QR Codes into Your Booklets...We'll explore how to incorporate QR codes into your booklets, specifically focusing on two types: static and dynamic QR codes. QR codes effectively bridge the gap between physical and digital content, enhancing the value and usability of your booklets. You won't want to miss this key aspect of the booklet creation process!

(This is priceless information)

Bonus #2: A Book Creator Tool Overview... Discover how this tool simplifies the design process, enhances creativity, and ensures professional results.

A Book Creator Comprehensive Toolset: A Book Creator provides extensive tools designed explicitly for low-content book creation.

AI-Powered: Utilize AI tools for easy creation of high-quality books.

Versatile Designs: Effortlessly design unique journals, planners, and more.

Engaging Content Generation: Generate puzzles and descriptions seamlessly.

Ideal for Self-Publishing: Perfect for Amazon's KDP or creating printables for platforms like Etsy.

Start Your Journey: Embark on your self-publishing path with advanced, user-friendly tools.

Your One-Stop Shop for Low Content Book Creation Tools!

Bonus #3: Smart Mockup... We will show you how to create a professional-looking smart mockup for your booklet using Canva. This will enhance your listing images tremendously.

About Me!

I often hear from Amazon sellers facing similar frustrations, and it doesn't need to be this challenging. You understand that protecting your Amazon listing is vital for your business, yet you might be encountering issues like:


You've invested time and effort in your Amazon listings, only to have them hijacked or undercut by competitors, reducing sales and visibility!


You’re incredibly busy managing your business and haven't found the time to implement effective strategies to protect your Amazon listings, leaving them vulnerable to competition and listing hijacking!

Tammie here,

I'm excited to guide you through mastering Amazon listing protection with my "Safeguard Your Amazon Listing with Branded Booklets" course!

Imagine your Amazon listings safe from hijackers and standing out irresistibly in the marketplace.

This can be your reality!

I’ve honed these techniques through extensive experience in e-commerce, and now, I'm bringing this expertise to you!

Before I perfected this method, I faced challenges similar to what you might be experiencing now. But with the right approach, your listings can thrive, attracting customers and safeguarding your hard work.

I’m inviting you to join this course because I want you to succeed without the trial and error.

Learn from my experience, protect your listings, and watch as they transform into profitable assets, bringing you success around the clock.

Don't let your listings be vulnerable another day.

Join me, and let's transform your Amazon business together!

I'm going to guess there are

"3 main hurdles"

that have kept you from successfully making

money with your Amazon businesses…

#1: Price Wars: Competitors may engage in aggressive pricing strategies, drastically lowering their prices. This can force the original seller to either reduce prices unsustainably or risk losing their market share.

#2: Lack of Brand Differentiation: Without distinctive branding, such as a branded booklet, a product can appear generic, making it easier for other sellers to create similar listings. A unique, copyrighted branded booklet included with the product can significantly differentiate it, reducing the likelihood of competitors successfully replicating or attaching themselves to the listing.

This differentiation not only protects the listing but also elevates the brand's perceived value and customer loyalty.

#3: Copycat Products: Competitors might introduce similar products at lower prices or with slight modifications, attracting customers who are price-sensitive or looking for alternatives, thereby impacting the original product's sales.

It's time to stop your Amazon listing from tanking!

Are You Ready To Do This?

(Flexible payment plan available)

The great news is that safeguarding your Amazon listings effectively isn't as complex as it seems.

It's about understanding the right strategies, effectively using tools like copyrighted branded booklets, and positioning your products to protect them and appeal to your ideal customers.

I have applied these methods successfully and witnessed my students do the same.

Once you see the positive impact on your first product, you can replicate this approach across your entire range.

This is the essence of my course: a repeatable, proven system!

Still got questions? We’ve got you covered!

Q: I'm unsure about how to protect my Amazon listing. Will this course address my concerns?

A: Definitely! This course is designed to guide you through every step of protecting your Amazon listing, regardless of your current knowledge level. You'll learn practical strategies to safeguard your listing effectively.

Q: I haven't used branded booklets before. Is this course suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, absolutely! This course is perfect for those new to using branded booklets. It covers everything from the basics to more advanced strategies, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Q: Can't I just learn these strategies on my own?

A: While it's possible to gather information independently, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to sift through various resources and determine their reliability. This course offers a streamlined, reliable way to learn everything about safeguarding your Amazon listing, saving you time and providing trusted, expert guidance.

Q: Is this course only for those who already face listing hijacking issues?

A: Not at all. Whether you're currently facing listing hijacking or want to proactively protect your listings, this course provides valuable insights and tools for sellers at any stage.

Q: Will this course help me make my product stand out on Amazon?

A: Yes! By using branded booklets, you not only protect your listing but also enhance your product's appeal, making it stand out in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

If you’ve made it this far, then it’s decision time!

It all comes down to two crucial choices.

Will you set aside excuses and invest the equivalent of a night out into a course and community that will empower you to successfully safeguard your Amazon listings?

Or, will you allow doubts and delays to hinder you once more?

The decision is in your hands, and we're eagerly waiting to welcome you to the "Safeguard Your Amazon Listing" course.

Are you ready to join us?

(Flexible payment plan available)

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