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Free KDP 4 B2B Method Webinar for Self-Publishers!

KDP 4 B2B: Short for Kindle Direct Publishing for Business to Business.

Earn setup fees and recurring revenue for each book without ads or keywords!

Join Tammie to discover the KDP 4 B2B method, a revolutionary approach I've developed that lets you create branded books tailored to businesses.

Partner with Businesses using the KDP 4 B2B Method Guide!

Discover a lucrative business model: Start your KDP 4 B2B Method venture today!

Learn how to charge a setup fee, publish on Amazon,

and earn royalties from every sale.

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Who's ready to begin their KDP 4 B2B journey?

Discover the Secrets: How Self-Publishers Can Make $1K+ Monthly by Partnering with Businesses

Discover how to partner with businesses to create branded books and earn $1K+ monthly. Our free ebook reveals expert strategies to charge setup fees, earn royalties, and enjoy steady income—no ads or keywords needed. Download now and turn your publishing passion into profit!

Free KDP Quick Start Guide! Start Your Self-Publishing today!

Are you new to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform for

self-publishing books?

Ready to get started creating books for free?

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Top 5 AI Tools for


Join Tammie Chrin from KDP 4 B2B Method and

Cindy Minear from A Book Creator on our AI

self-publishing books website.

We will guide you on the effective use of

AI to enhance your self-publishing business.

Discover the various types of AI tools available for

text and images. We have compiled a list of

the top 5 AI tools with a brief description of

their features.

Our Self-Publishing Business Programs

KDP 4 B2B Method Course & More...

Self-publishers and those aspiring to become

self-publishers: Earn with KDP-Kindle Direct Publishing for B2B-Business to Business.

Secure a Setup Fee & Recurring Income,

No Ads, No Keywords.

Branded Booklets for Businesses!

Check Out the Triple Win Below

Safeguard Your Amazon Product Listing Course

Protect your Amazon product listing with a branded "copyrighted" booklet using

our specialized method to

safeguard your products.

Using Amazon's Free KDP platform!

AI Self Publishing Books Courses & eBooks

Self-publishing entrepreneurs, are you curious about AI's role in self-publishing, specifically for low to medium-content books?

Suitable for both experienced self-publishers and newbies.

Multiple types of Puzzle Books Courses

Coloring Pages Books Course

Children's Book Pages Course

Cindy Miner & Tammie Chrin,

Your AI and Self-Publishing Experts!

The Triple Win with the KDP 4 B2B Method is:

  • Businesses Get Branded Books: Businesses can leverage their content to create branded books that promote their brand, share valuable information, and engage their audience in a unique way. This enhances their marketing efforts and builds stronger customer relationships.
  • Self-Publishers Earn Setup Fees and Royalties: As a self-publisher, you can charge businesses a setup fee for creating their branded books. Additionally, you'll earn royalties for each book sold, creating a continuous revenue stream without the need for ads or keyword optimization.
  • Customers Receive Valuable Content: The end customers of these businesses get high-quality, valuable content in the form of branded books. Whether it's an insightful guide, a collection of tips, or an inspirational story, customers benefit from the rich content tailored to their interests and needs.

This triple win creates a synergistic relationship where everyone benefits—businesses get effective marketing tools, self-publishers earn income, and customers receive valuable content.



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