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Free KDP 4 B2B Method Webinar for Self-Publishers!

KDP 4 B2B: Short for Kindle Direct Publishing for Business to Business.

Earn setup fees and recurring revenue for each book without ads or keywords!

Join Tammie to discover the KDP 4 B2B method, a revolutionary approach I've developed that lets you create branded books tailored to businesses.

KDP 4 B2B Method: Partner with Businesses using the KDP 4 B2B Method Guide

Discover a lucrative business model: Start your

KDP 4 B2B Method venture today!

Learn how to charge a setup fee, publish on Amazon,

and earn royalties from every sale.

Don't miss out on this opportunity

to elevate your income.

Who's ready to begin their KDP 4 B2B journey?

Get a free step-by-step guide on how to become a self-publisher with KDP Quick Start Guide!

Are you new to Amazon's Kindle Direct

Publishing (KDP) platform for

self-publishing books?

Ready to get started creating books for free?

Grab your copy today!

Top 5 AI Tools for


Join Tammie Chrin from KDP 4 B2B Method and

Cindy Minear from A Book Creator on our AI

self-publishing books website.

We will guide you on the effective use of

AI to enhance your self-publishing business.

Discover the various types of AI tools available for

text and images. We have compiled a list of

the top 5 AI tools with a brief description of

their features.

Our Self-Publishing Business Programs

KDP 4 B2B Method Course & More...

Self-publishers and those aspiring to become

self-publishers: Earn with KDP-Kindle Direct Publishing for B2B-Business to Business.

Secure a Setup Fee & Recurring Income,

No Ads, No Keywords.

Branded Booklets for Businesses!

Explore our KDP 4 B2B Method & More...

Safeguard Your Amazon Product Listing Course

Protect your Amazon product listing with a branded "copyrighted" booklet using

our specialized method to

safeguard your products.

Using Amazon's Free KDP platform!

AI Self Publishing Books Courses & eBooks

Self-publishing entrepreneurs, are you curious about AI's role in self-publishing, specifically for low to medium-content books?

Suitable for both experienced self-publishers and newbies. Get actionable tips to elevate your self-publishing business.

Cindy Miner & Tammie Chrin,

Your AI and Self-Publishing Experts!



Witness the Business Owner's Reaction to Seeing Their Book in Print!

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